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“An open letter to PSquare”

Posted by On September 30, 2017

Dear Peter and Paul,

I know you guys are busy with all that is going on but this won’t take long.

You must know why I am writing. You guys are all over the news. Your names keep popping up on several headlines. It wouldn’t be a cause for concern if the buzz around you was music related.

It’s sort of sad to see you guys trending because of sibling rivalry and not because of music. Since 2014 we have watched you guys become gossip material. Your fans are sad to see this happening. Even the critics can’t explain how a legendary group is unfolding so badly.

At the height of your fame and success, the P in Psquare could have also meant professionalism. Peter and Paul, you showed what it meant to be a recording artist. You guys took no prisoners.

You dropped the hits and Jude Okoye ran the ship. This was how you became music stars in the real sense of the word. You brought excitement to millions of Nigerians.

If those around you won’t tell you, I will. The Psquare brand hasn’t been the same since all the drama started a couple of years ago. Your last album ‘Double Trouble’ was solid no doubt, but it didn’t affect popular culture like your previous efforts. The sibling rivalry has robbed the group of a bit of its shine.

While you are squabbling, the Psquare brand is losing its appeal very fast. After years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, this is not the way to go out. You guys have earned the right to go out on your terms but it surely shouldn’t be this way. Psquare should go out with a bang.

Siblings will always fight especially twins. It is not unusual that the two of you are disagreeing. The best of brothers trade punches once in a while. The manner in which you two are fighting leaves room for concern.

Your squabbles shouldn’t be seen all over social media. You guys are acting like D-list celebrities. Peter and Paul, you are better than that. Has it come to this? You have lost respect for each other and are ready to drag each other through the mud. Legends shouldn’t behave like this. It is disappointing.

No matter what is going on do not lose the fact that you are brothers. You grew together, cried together, starved together and hustled together. No one knows you guys better than yourselves.

Now, there have been rumours about why you are fighting. I wouldn’t dwell on these too much because they are just speculations.

The same respect you give a man is the same you should give his wife. A man has a right to choose who his wife is. You might disagree with his choice but at least be respectful. Show respect. If you are disrespectful to a man’s wife, you are disrespectful to him also.

And on the business side of things, surely three grown men can come together and talk without trading blows. Psquare hasn’t done badly in terms of money over the years. Whatever business model they have been using can be improved upon. Progress is not bad. Everyone should be open to progress.

Hopefully, sense will prevail and you guys will stop the public mudslinging. Remember, the Internet never forgets. Your kids are watching their uncles behave childishly. What legacy do you want to leave for them?

Yours sincerely,
An admirer.


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