If You Are Among Those Criticizing The IGP Over “Transmission Video” ( Read This )

I Want The Public To Take This Piece Into Cognizance Regarding The IG Of Police’s Speech Blunder

1. The speech in question was doctored

2. Even if it was not doctored, nobody is above mistake

3. If you have been following The IG’s trail or watched him speak before, you’ll know that he’s intelligent & grammatically fluent.

4. People were complaining why he was promoted from a commissioner of police straight to an IG of police instead of following protocol. Well, that is GRACE at work…… Grace disqualifies the qualified in order to qualify the unqualified. God doesn’t follow protocol when he wants to promote you.

5. If we channel the intellectual flexibility (making T-Shirts of Transmission & videos just to mock him) into more productive things, we would have been richer than we are.

6. The difference between Nigerians & Americans is, while they channel their brain to more productive things, we are busy using ours to trend someone’s mistake.



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