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“It’s Healthy To Always Masturbate Before Going On A Date” – Doctor Advises

Posted by On May 17, 2018

According to this article, masturbating before a first date is a good idea to calm nerves. It’s also very important to the success of the date for so many reasons listed below.

The first reason why masturbating before a first date is advised is that it gives one something to do before the date, thereby taking away the tension involved in meeting someone new and getting to know them for the first time. So rather than pacing and getting tense as the time for the date nears, the article suggests masturbating.

Also, masturbating before a date reminds you that your happiness is literally in your hands, and this helps take off the edge, knowing you don’t need anyone to make you sexually desirable or fulfilled.

Some Twitter users have taken to Twitter to share that masturbating before a first date helps them relax so they are less blinded by their sexual urges.

Nasserian Onyekachi Abena Nzama tweeted: “Ladies, honestly… Am i the only one who masturbates before a first date?”

Apparently, she isn’t the only one, because, Alison Stevenson also tweeted: “Pro tip: Masturbate right before your Tinder date so you’re less blinded by horniness.”

The article continues to give other reasons why it’s advisable to masturbate before dates.

According to Dr. Tami Prince, OB-GYN and owner of Women’s Health and Wellness Center of Georgia, LLC, “Masturbating before dates can release any sexual tension that may hinder a woman from being fully present and concentrating on the date. If a woman is constantly thinking about sex during a date, she may miss out on meaningful conversation and quality time with her partner.”

Furthermore, masturbation has been proven to improve a person’s mood. Dr. Prince explains that masturbation can help women release more than just sexual tension in their bodies. When you masturbate, your body produces endorphins, which put you in a generally pleasant mood, and dopamine, which reduces stress. Masturbation has also been known to reduce anxiety and depression, thereby helping you socialize better.

Dr. Prince goes on to say that women who masturbate tend to have better sex with their partners. She said, “Masturbation can increase vaginal lubrication, as well as sexual desire which can then in turn enhance the orgasm phase.”

She adds that women who masturbate more frequently have better sex because they’re better able to guide their partner and articulate what they like in bed.

“A sexual partner can’t be expected to pleasure to the point of orgasm if a woman is unable to tell them what her likes and dislikes are,” she explains.

Lastly, the body secretes prolactin during masturbation and prolactin also acts as a sleep aid, in case the date didn’t go so well and you need to sleep it off, or in case the date went so well that you can’t calm down enough to fall asleep.


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