See what this boy did with the N10k his elder brother gave him for school

A Nigerian soldier, Ojukwu Chibuisi, has called out his kid brother for using the N10,000 he gave him for school, to have fun with his friends.

According to Ojukwu, a ‘random slay queen’ shared photos of herself and his (Ojukwu’s) kid brother on Instagram, the next day after he gave him the money.

“So I looked for every possible means to get my kid bro ₦10,000 he’s been disturbing me for.
Textbooks, hand-outs & he’s feeding

Even had to borrow 🤦🤦
When me I’m hungry here

Only for one random slay queen on Instagram put up this pictures
Following day after I sent him💔” Ojukwu said while sharing the photos.

He’s a first year student in ANSU, according to Ojukwu.

Kids having fun! Lad just wanted to spoil his woman (Lol).


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