Why I Couldn’t End Live Video After Etinosa Went N*ked – Mc Galaxy

After the viral video of a live Instagram feed between celebrities MC Galaxy and Etinosa, the singer has explained why he didn’t end the video when the actress began to strip.

In a chat with LIB, MC Galaxy explained that he couldn’t end the video because Etinosa insisted he shouldn’t and he had to respect her views.

On why he refused to end the video when the actress was about to go N*ked.

He said

”If you watched that video, I was blocking my eyes. I couldn’t even watch it. I even told her bye and she said if I cut the call, I will kill you, so at a point I didn’t want it to feel like I was embarassing her. She is a celebrity and I cannot just cut off the call. I just had to cover my face”.

He however insisted that the actress is not depressed as rumoured in the media. He got to know about this after he reached out to her after the incident

”Etinosa is not depressed. We have been talking since. We just finished talking not long ago before you called.


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