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7 Words You Should Never Use To Describe Yourself On Your First Date

Posted by On October 19, 2017

Describing oneself at a date is one sure way of creating a conversation that can present better knowledge of you and your prospective partner. There are some pretty good terms you can use to describe yourself while some others may send off the wrong signals to your partner.

When you’re hanging out with someone you have an intention of dating and they call you strong and confident, you have every reason to feel flattered. But when you describe yourself as strong and confident, it sounds weird to them.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of words that are actually nice when people describe you as such but which will sound quite tacky if you use them to describe yourself.

1. Generous

Respect and generosity is similar in the sense that you don’t claim both, but earn them. People value generosity and will tell you as much if they think you are. Your date will rather prefer to tell you and people they know how generous you are as opposed to believing you’re telling them you are because of a personal gain. Don’t say it, live it.

2. Disciplined

No matter how disciplined you are, there are times you would have found it difficult to stay focused. Telling someone you’re interested in that you have a lot of self discipline will make you sound false and redundant. False in the sense that if you feel a need to tell them you’re disciplined, chances are you’re not and redundant in the sense that being disciplined is something that’s always ongoing. There thoughts will be centred on what if you find yourself in a less favourable situation, would you be able to put in the effort that will sustain the discipline you claim to have?

3. Independent

The truth is not everybody has the innate ability to do things on their own and describing yourself with this quality is one thing that will score you good points with a prospective partner. It is important you achieve some level of independence if you hope to have a successful relationship but the truth is people tend to use it to cover some of their failings such as taking decisions without consulting their partners. It is important you don’t describe yourself with this word and you don’t confuse independence with apathy which is something a lot of people do.

4. Passionate

Your passion for your partner will show by your actions and you can always show this not only through physical contact but also through words and gifts. Anyone can show their passion for someone through words of mouth but showing it through actions will be much more appreciated by your partner.

5. Humble

Nothing sounds stranger than hearing people describe themselves as humble. For some reason, it just doesn’t work. Being humble should be an act your date should see in you and chances are you’d walk yourself into a situation where you’d have to explain any act contradictory to the humility you say you possess. Trying to explain how humble you are will only wear your prospective partner down. Choose to prove it to them instead of telling them.

6. Talented

There are a lot of people out there who have varying types of talents out there and your partner can be attracted to different types. Your talent coupled with hard work is one thing that will distinguish you from several other people. A lack of a driving force makes your talent useless and it is thus important you put in a lot of hard work to push your talent to a point where your partner acknowledges you.

7. Straightforward

A very thin line exists between acting rude and being straightforward. Your date might likely think you are abrasive, impolite and disrespectful when you tell them you tell it as it is. Everyone is allowed to say their minds but it’s best you don’t describe yourself this way.



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