Simi Unveils Her Own Record Label “Studio Brat”

After leaving her previous record company X3M music, a month ago Simi disclose her own and new record label named “Studio Brat”

In a statement to her fans, Simi has still announced her highly anticipated move.

The singer’s move has now been announced to be her own record company, Studio Brat.

The statement reads, “The norm is to do a formal and proper press release, with big, impersonal words – but this is me and you.

We started with true laughs, constructive criticism, silly jokes and personal moments.

We’re gonna keep it that way. “All I’ve ever wanted was to live my dreams – to do it on my terms, but for you. Each step I’ve taken has brought me here.

This is only the beginning of the best part of my journey. I hope that you stand with me, fight with me, love with me and grow with me. “My team and I have continuously put our hearts into it. Like Michael Jackson said, “Don’t stop till you get enough…”

We never want to let you down. Proof: I’m using a Michael Jackson quote. “So, with a heart full of excitement, I introduce Studio Brat to you. It’s Ours. Let’s do what we do!”


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