#SaggyB00bsMatter Founder Slays In Bikini, Fan Tells Her To Go & Shave (Photos)

#SaggyB00bsmatter Founder Slays In Bikini, Makes Grand Entrance Into The Pool

Go And Shave – Fan Tells Chidera

Chidera Eggerue aka TheSlumflower shared some pictures of her slaying in bikini and a video of her stepping into swimming pool in style.

She captioned the video:

“How to make a grand entrance into the pool when you don’t even know how to swim and have absolutely no business being in 4ft deep water.”

As usual, her fans were elated to watch her as many of them hailed her for always encouraging women.

Chidera Eggerue is a British-Nigerian, the founder of #SaggyBoobsMatter and the Author of WHAT A TIME TO BE ALONE. She is just 24 years and many women are looking up to her as a body positivity ‘Ambassador’.

Meanwhile, a fan told her to go and shave while reacting to this other bikini picture of her which showed her pubic hair.

Watch the video


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