What Is Belacam? & How Does Belacam Works?

What Is Belacam?

Belacam is a social platform that allows its users to share both pictures and to be rewarded in BELA for uploading contents to their website. It is also a platform where social interaction carries real economic values.

Its works like Instagram but not really like it because on Bela you get paid when you post a photo and someone gives it a “Like”, You will receive a micro-tip from the user for about $.05 – $.10, and also, when you “Like” someone else’s post, you’re giving them a micro-tip as well. That means about $.05 – $.10 worth of Bela is given from your account to theirs.

What Is Bela?

BELA is a cryptocurrency that power Belacam. When you get or receive a like, you’re either giving or receiving a BELA. BELA has real-world value and fluctuates as people trade it on markets and exchange just like other cryptocurrencies.

You can cash out BELA that you have earned at any time by withdrawing it to an exchange, selling it for Bitcoin, and then selling that bitcoin to your country’s native currency.

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