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Top 8 Ways On How To Make Money On Belacam

Posted by On July 28, 2018

Yes!!! Belacam is a social platform where you post pictures and make money (my short definition of Belacam) But one thing you should know is; uploading your pictures to Belacam is very easy but getting someone to like in other for you to make money, that’s where the problem lies. Today I am going to lecture you on the “Top 8 Ways on How to Make Money on Belacam”.

Belacam Referral Links: This is one of the simplest ways to make money Belacam as a beginner. You can make $1 – $3 if someone uses your referral link to sign up. Go to your profile, scroll down, you will see a button like this, “Referral dashboard”, click on “click here to apply for a referral link” to create your belacam referral link.

It takes a little time before you can get approved. Approval is done manually before it was very easy in other to get Belacam referral link but now, Belacam has inserted some kind of policies on it. Which is;

After getting approved feel free to share your Belacam referral links with your friends, tell the more about Belacam. Instead of posting pictures on other social networks for free, come and post it on Belacam and get paid.

Post Reasonable and Good Content: One thing people fail to understand it that, you can make money from Belacam, just posting good content (Pictures). Good content attract likes, likes attract more BELA’S, and BELA’S attracts money. So which one is better, Good or Bad content? Obviously Good content.

Get More Followers: This is one of the weak points of some beginners on Belacam. Yes, you produce good content but one thing you should know is “95% of your post views are from your followers”.

Let’s takes for instance; I have 1000 followers in total, 700 actives followers (that means out of 1000 followers, 700 are active). If I post a reasonable/good content, that is something that is worth to be liked and I get 150 – 120 likes. If it happens continually and I also continue to increase my followers then I have become a successful user of Belacam.

How To Get Followers: It is simple but a little bit hard, it just like the way you get followers on your Instagram or Twitter account. It is called “Follow for Follow”. For those that have a particular niche they operate with one Belacam, for example, if you focus on only Fashion, That means you upload pictures about Fashion. Simply find and follow users that have recent posts/comments about Fashion.

The reason you should follow users with recent posts/comments is that, users with recent posts/comments are likely possible to come back and see how their post is doing, thereby, there will be a possibility for them likely follow you back if you follow them.

Make Good Use Of Tags: To be honest many users don’t even know the usefulness of Tags. Tags are like categories that mean categorizing your post on a particular tag or tags. For instance, I have a photo all about “Best fashion for women”. My tags will be #fashion, #women e.t.c. Try as much as possible to make use of popular tags.

Always Comment And Like Other’s Post: Always comment on peoples post (meaningful comments) in fact, it is very easy to comment on someone post on Belacam but very hard to give likes. Don’t be selfish, if everyone mindset on Belacam is to get likes and they don’t like others post then our stay on belacam is just like a waste of time. Try as much as possible to like people post.

Post Regularly: Posting regularly doesn’t mean you should post on Belacam every 30minutes, 1 hour or even 3hours. It simply means that you should atleast post five (5) or seven (7) times daily. (Then you can use the rest of the time to explore, comment/like others post or even building followers). Posting regularly makes your followers think you are a serious person on Belacam.

Complete Your Profile Information: Filling your profile details like uploading your picture, cover photo and also your filling the bio section (about yourself). Make you look

like a normal person who is on Belacam for good.  To be sincere, I don’t relate with people without these things and I hope other people do the same thing like me, except they are whales (Successful On Belacam) and again I have not seen any whale on Belacam without a complete profile information.Be Patient: This is one of the most important steps to take when dealing with a cryptocurrency platform like Belacam. Always be patient till you reach your desired goal.

If you find this article helpful to you kindly share this post with the social share button below and also, if there is anything you don’t understand in the article above or you want more advice on Belacam & How to make money from it, simply share it in the comment section below and I will reply you as fast as possible and also read another article about Belacam below.


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