Not Everybody Is Destined To Have A Boo – Lizzy Anjorin

Talented and beautifully controversial actress and filmmaker, Lizzy Anjorin will not stop to amaze her fans all over.

She recently sent out a message on her whatsapp platform that, having a boo or not shouldn’t affect anyone enjoying life to the fullest.

This is what she posted, “Boo or no Boo…please put yourself together and make yourself happy…Some are with boos but in mortuary, some are in the hospital, some boos are even bullshit and some boos are awesome, don’t beef your friend with good boo instead be thankful

If you don’t have anybody to extend Val’s love to you don’t be sad about that, be happy, treat yourself as if you will not wake up tomorrow; take yourself to a nice place like Cinema, Restaurant ,you can get a room in a nice hotel and use better sleeping tablet.

If you can’t afford all that, look for good and beautiful beer parlour in your area, order for hot pepper soup, you only have one life to live you know but you can’t go out in a rag that is why you must order for this kind of sweet and sexy attire that will arrest mind of kings and queens to look at you twice. The one with boo should order now. When your boo comes back wear it, be going up and down in front of the mirror, wait till he asks you..(nibo len lo?) Where are you going to?”


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