Young Ghanaian Billionaire, Ibrah Money buys 10 iPhone X, gives it out to strangers in a public transport

Identified by his nickname, Ibrah Money, and tagged as one of Ghana’s young Billionaires, he dashed out 10 iPhone X to absolute strangers in a bus.

Ibrah is well known in the Ghanaian Blogsphere, and he flaunts his fleet of expensive cars, luxurious lifestyles running into mullion of dollars.

Ibrah Money buys 10 iPhone X

Always well dressed in extravagant designer clothes and accessories, he lives in a luxurious mansion inside a multi-million dollar estate named ‘Ibrahville’, which sources say he owns.

With his lavish lifestyle, many expected that Ibrah, who celebrated his birthday yesterday (Tuesday) will organise an explosive birthday bash with his friends and family.

Ibrah Money buys 10 iPhone X

Instead, the young man who turned 32 years yesterday, shockingly dashed out iPhones to all passengers in a commercial minibus (trotro)




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